BU-RM (Business unit for raw materials) as member of three business units of Y. Y. Fahmy Co. business portfolio represents marketing matrix for significant company role at Egyptian chemical industry in variety of fields. 
Sole Agent & distributor for:

  • AkzoNobel 

Over 40 years until now Y.Y.Fahmy Co represents various activities of AkzoNobel for coatings and chemicals.
For chemicals division Y.Y.Fahmy Co is actively working with AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals and Surface chemistry

  • BYK

Y.Y.Fahmy Co. has a strong historical business relation with BYK since 1977 in the Egyptian Market. BYK as the most global leading and innovating supplier in additives world represents unique impressive existence of company activity map directing to many chemical industries.

  • Nuplex 

Nuplex activity had passed over 45 years through three names starting with Synthes B.V, changed to AkzoNobel Resin and lately Nuplex since 2004. Through that long history Y.Y.Fahmy Co. used to be and still its loyal business partner at Egyptian market as Sole Agent. 

  • Albemarle

Y. Y. Fahmy Co. used to be agent for AkzoNobel Catalyst since 1975, and since 2004 Y.Y. Fahmy Co. became agent for Albemarle after acquisition of AkzoNobel Catalyst as well. Albemarle catalyst represents one-third of Albemarle and it’s headquarter based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. 

  • Axcentive

Y. Y. Fahmy Co. was the sole agent of Akzo Nobel's Sulfo Products Group and continues to be agent of Axcentive after Management Buy-Out of this group from AkzoNobel to Axcentive since 2010.

  • Oleon

Y. Y. Fahmy Co. used to be agent of AkzoNobel Oils & fattyacids, and continue the agency after the divesting of this range to Oleon in 2007.

  • Profarb

Y. Y. Fahmy Co. represents Profarb since 2009; Profarb is located in Gliwice Poland.

  • AS-Kim 

Y. Y. Fahmy Co. represents AS-Kim since 2007, AS-Kim is located in Gebze / ( Kocaeli) TURKEY.



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