At Albemarle, we are evolving beyond our existing refinery capabilities in HPC, FCC and isomerization in order to build a robust portfolio of solutions that apply to the entire refinery process.  

These solutions include:

1) An expanded catalyst portfolio;

2) New chemical products that apply to additional refinery processes; and

3) Significantly enhanced service and licensing offerings.

Customer technical service is one of the many attributes of our business that sets us apart from our competition.  

Product range:

  • HPC (Hydroprocessing Catalysts)

·         Hydrotreating

Albemarle produces hydrotreating catalyst (HTC) for desulfurization, denitrogenation and demetallization. Marketed under the Ketjenfine brand, these are generally based on cobalt/molybdenum or nickel/molybdenum oxides on porous alumina carrier.

For hydrotreating of residual oil fractions, Albemarle markets the KFR catalyst series, which offers a unique possibility to tune demetallization and desulfurization functions for fixed bed resid units.

·         Hydrocracking

The Ketjenfine KF and KC series provide mild hydrocracking catalyst with good HDS/HDN activity and high middle distillate yield. The KC series of hydrocracking cataylsts offers opitimzed selectivity for naphtha, jet fuel or middle distillates at medium and high pressures.

  • FCC (Fluid cracking catalyst)

Fluid Cracking Cataylst, the mainstay of Albemarle catalyst production, contribute siginifcatlly to the profitability of refiniers by enabling them to crack vacuum gasoil and resid into products such as LPG, gasoline and diesel.

  • Isomerization Catalysts

Abermale is doing highly active catalyst for the isomerization of n-C4 and C5/C6.

  • Petrochemical Catalysts

A leader in the field of custom catalyst for chemical process, Albemarle works closely with its customers to constantly assess their needs. This has led to the development of different proprietary catalyst with broad applications.

Oxychlorination catalysts for ethylene dichloride production are manufactured under license as well as for the open market. These catalysts are available for fluid bed and fixed bed processes. Albemarle also manufactures open market cataylsts for the production of methylamine, melamine and methyl chloride, as well as for specialty white oils.  

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