Altana Group is a global specialty chemicals player with leading positions in demanding specialty markets.

Altana group consists of:





BYK is the largest company in Altana Group and the leading additives supplier worldwide.


1873 Foundation of the Company by Dr. Heinrich BYK

1962 BYK-Gulden Foundation of the Wesel plant

1968 Joint-Venture BYK-Mallinckrodt

1983 Foundation of BYK-Chemie

2007 New corporate profile

Product groups

  • Wetting and dispersing additives for pigment and extenders
  • Additives to improve surface slip, leveling & substrate wetting
  • Defoamers and air release agents
  • Rheological additives
  • Viscosity depressants
  • Processing additives
  • UV-absorbers
  • Adhesion promoters


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