Architectural "Decorative Coatings"

Download Nuplex Brochure Decorative Coatings

Solvent-borne AkzoNobel BYK 
Aqueous AkzoNobel BYK

Wood Coatings

A) Joinery (Alkyd)


B) Furniture

NC/UP/PU      Download Nuplex Brochure Industrial Wood Coatings BYK
UV               BYK


C) Floor (Alkyd system)                                                                                  BYK

Automotive OEM Coatings

Primer   BYK
Solid Colour TopCoat   BYK
Base Coat Download Nuplex Brochure Automotive OEM and plastic coatings BYK
Clear Coat   BYK

Automotive Refinish Coatings

Putty   BYK
Filler Download Nuplex Brochure Vehicle refinish & commercial transportation BYK
BaseCoat   BYK
ClearCoat   BYK
Solid Colour TopCoat   BYK

Heavy Duty Coatings

Protective Coatings Download Nuplex Brochure Industrial protective and marine coatings BYK
Marine Coatings    

Industrial Coatings

Solvent-borne Download Nuplex Brochure Flooring and construction coatings BYK
Aqueous please contact us for more details BYK

Can Coatings

Solvent-borne     BYK
Aqueous     BYK
Radiation-curing systems, Solvent-free     BYK

Coil Coatings

Top Coat     BYK
Primer     BYK

Construction Chemicals

Nuplex Construction Brochure AkzoNobel (Thioplast)

Powder Coatings

Polyster resins Download Nuplex Brochure Powder Coatings
Additives BYK

Printing Inks

A) Packaging gravure and flexographic inks

Solvent-borne   BYK
Aqueous    BYK
UV, solvent free   BYK

B) Overprint varnishes

Aqueous AkzoNobel BYK
UV, Aqueous   BYK
UV, solvent free   BYK

C) Offset inks
D) Inkjet inks

Solvent-borne   BYK
Aqueous   BYK
UV, solvent free   BYK


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